Our division responsible for creating adult worship environments

Primary Win:

To create worship experiences that make people want to come back and take a next step.

Measurable Wins:

  • People come back.
  • People take a next step.
  • People invite others.

Service Programming Division Team:

  • Guest Services Director
  • Music Director
  • Creative Director
  • Production Director
  • Service Programming Director

Service Programming Division Mission Statement:

Our mission as a programming team is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by creating an environment that lead and inspire those attending to worship, challenges attendees to connect, and encourage them to embrace the principles and values of God’s Word.

We work as a team to develop the worship service. It is not about just one person making the decisions. We are a team of people, with different personalities and different jobs, brainstorming together to ensure a more comprehensive service. We take the bottom line, thetakeaway/creative tension for the series (and for each message), and build an unforgettable experience