Connect with us is more than attending our services…

We want to be a church where unchurched people love to attend. In order to be that kind of church, we have established four Grace Points to assist you in sharing our passion for leading people into a transformational relationship with Jesus Christ.

Grace Points: Connect, Serve, Give, and Invite.


To connect is the crossroads of spiritual and human intersection. We believe the best way to do what Jesus said and not be satisfied with hearing and remembering what Jesus said is to connect relationally with others.


We believe when people connect and begin to “do life together” by serving one another, it leads to life transformation. God has called all of us to serve one another and has gifted each of us to serve with a motivational gift. You can answer the call to serve by engaging with a ministry team in our church, or serving in our community.


We believe that a great demonstration of God’s GRACE (full dose) should be extended to the unchurched community. We should not treat people like they are part of an evangelism project; we should genuinely engage with them in their daily activities creating real relationship. Then, when the time is right INVITE them to take a step in the direction of Jesus at their own pace.