To treat others better than they expect to be treated (WOW the guest)!

The Guest Services team works hard to create an environment where each guest feels safe and comfortable. You can expect to have fun, care for guests, share community with your team, and play a significant role in helping someone have a remarkable experience. We are one large team that can be seen helping our guests in two areas:

  • Parking Team – Parking volunteers proactively provide a warm welcome, clear directions, and safe paths for guests entering and exiting our campus
  • Greeter Team – These volunteers serve our guests at the doors, in the hallways, and in the auditoriums by making them feel valued with a sincere greeting, a genuine smile, a friendly presence, a fond farewell, and by providing general assistance during their visit.
  • Media

    To create media that leaves a lasting impression


    To create a music experience that transcends (overshadow) cultural boundaries


    To create a pure technical experience. Using technology to display the intended expressions, technology is not the expression!