Flint, Michigan Church Service Location

Grace Transformational Ministries

3499 W. Carpenter Rd

Flint, MI 48504
Phone: 810-534-7940

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 320725  Flint, MI 48532.

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Adults: Service

  • 10:00 a.m. EST

(Services last about one hour and ten minutes)



Introduction To Series

During this Series and our Extravagant Generosity Campaign for the next four weeks, we want to tweak our focus and remind our community that everybody matters to God, even if God does not matter to them.  So we invite you to join us for the next four weeks as we partner with several local non-profits focused on meeting some of the most critical needs in our community.

  • Part 1: Introduction [Sunday 9/26/2021]
  • Part 2: LOVE [Sunday 10/3/2021]
  • Part 3: SERVE [Sunday 10/10/2021]
  • Part 4: GIVE vs GENEROSITY [Sunday 10/17/2021]
  • Part 5: THE ENEMY OF GREED [Sunday 10/24/2021]


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Introduction To Series

It seems our lives are presented and packed with more and more significant decisions than we’ve ever had to make in history. We are inundated with big, small, life-threatening, critical, time-sensitive, strategic decisions, and routine decisions. Too often, when crucial decisions confront us, we hesitate to make up our minds and end up taking no action at all. How do you decide how to decide and what to choose?

To Watch This Series – Please Click Here

  • Part 1: Ask More Questions [Sunday 8/1/2021]
  • Part 2: Uncontrollable Stress  [Sunday 8/8/2021] 
  • Part 3: Who Are You Listening To? [Sunday 8/15/2021]
  • Part 4: Decisions: Foundation For My Future [Sunday 8/22/2021]
  • Part 5: Hanging In the Balance [Sunday 8/29/2021]
  • Part 6: In The Meantime [Sunday 9/5/2021]
  • Part 7: Finding Meaning [Sunday 9/12/2021]
  • Part 8: Deciding To Rest [Sunday 9/19/2021]