Grace Transformational Ministries (GTM) began in 2015 as a result of a God-given vision given to Hubert “Woody” Wortham, senior pastor. God placed a desire in Woody’s heart to build a global church that draws the unchurched and inspires members to invite unchurched family and friends. GTM is a non-denominational church composed of Christ followers who are passionate about seeing all people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and grow in their relationship with him.

In short, the vision was to launch a church consisting of a cyber-campus and multiple ground campuses in several states and around the world. Each GTM church is committed to providing a warm atmosphere where people can come and experience the love of Christ, enter into a relationship with Him, and be transformed by the grace of God. By creating an atmosphere of community, GTM will grow into a global community where unchurched people love to come and where members are excited to invite unchurched family and friends. .